International conference on volunteerism and social transformation #INFOCUS

June 11-12,
Geneva, The United Nations*

#INFOCUS Conference is a key event at the United Nations in Geneva dedicated to volunteerism and social transformations (since 2012)

June 11-12,
Geneva, The United Nations*

*The United Nations
— is the largest international platform created for maintenance and consolidation of peace and development of cooperation among nations.

The Conference is for people and organisations that generate social innovations, implementing inclusive practices:

1 Change makers
who are ready to spread their energy, innovative community focused ideas and unique experience within the society we live in.
2 NGOs and foundations
that are looking for interesting ideas, efficient tools and cases, practical approaches and new partnerships.
3 Large corporations and medium business
that are interested in promoting their own projects on creation of the inclusive corporate environment and supporting of inclusive volunteerism.
4 The scientific community
that is considering the issues of social transformations and is interested in social transformations in the field of education.
5 Volunteers
who are implementing projects in the field of creating an inclusive environment.
to find effective technologies for the development of inclusion (in a family, in a small team, in a large company)
#INFOCUS is an opportunity:
to expand a list of useful contacts (to find friends, colleagues, partners)
#INFOCUS is an opportunity:
to get inspiration by social transformations (and to reach a new level of thinking and action)
#INFOCUS is an opportunity:
# The main aim that the Conference
sets up is to contribute to the construction of the inclusive society, which is connected with the development of social relations, social partnership and the formation of social capital.
# Key issues of the #INFOCUS:
  • Active longevity (integration of generations and improvement of the quality of life of the older generation)
  • Active life without limits (implementation of inclusive programmes, involving people with disabilities)
# The programme includes reports and discussions on the following topics:
  • Inclusion is a social responsibility of everyone
  • Stay human. Creation of an inclusive environment (at schools, at workplaces, y etc.)
  • Equal opportunities for development (education, creativity, sports)
  • Mobile puppet theatre (a new look, new opportunities for corporate culture)
  • IT-tools to create an accessible environment
  • How to help parents of special children
  • Inclusion through the language of art
  • The secrets of longevity
  • What unites corporate sector and inclusion
  • Connection between generations, and many more

Key speakers

David Chikvaidze
Francesco Pisano
Real practices and technologies
Why the Conference is not to miss
150 participants
Why the Conference is not to miss
more than 1,000 potential partners
Why the Conference is not to miss
Inspiring success stories
Why the Conference is not to miss
Interactive formats
Why the Conference is not to miss
Business visits in the very centre of the UN
Why the Conference is not to miss

Feel the atmosphere of the Conference: see the feedbacks and photos of past years

Registration deadline

The registration for the Conference is held until June 10, 2019.

Conference fee

Registration is free of charge. All expenses on travel, accommodation and catering shall be paid by conference participants on their own.